The state of cryptocurrencies continues to open new possibilities in different aspects of life. WaterCoin is an example of the contribution offered by cryptocurrencies or blockchain to humanity. WaterCoin is a digital currency that enables organisations and individuals to conserve the environment, with a value based on water. Each WaterCoin is equivalent to the value of water reserves. The value of this coin could also be supported by other assets like water producing properties.

Basis of The WaterCoin Initiative

WaterCoin is structured or developed, intending to become a tokenised store of value, by linking each WaterCoin to an existing natural asset. In light of this, WaterCoin serves to help individuals, owning digital coins, as an opportunity to preserve their investment, or transfer intrinsic value in digital form.

To meet existing demand, just like with significant cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, the number of WaterCoins in circulation keeps increasing to keep the equilibrium close to the USD value of a WaterCoin and the value of a litre or gallon of water. The good thing about the value of the WaterCoin is that it is not affected by inflation, volatility, or devaluation of other digital currencies.

The WaterCoin project is run by a reputable team and in a very transparent manner. As such, you can be sure that the operation, and development, of WaterCoin, remain compliant with all applicable laws in most jurisdictions.

The Humanitarian Side

The humanitarian aspects of this cryptocurrency could be one of its greatest attractions. Not only is one able to get regular access to bottled drinking water, but you can also touch the lives of people living in areas without water.

WaterCoin is the embodiment of a peer-to-peer transferable digital value. Its structure and stability are designed to provide both buyers and sellers, with lasting economic benefits. By looking at the way the project is run and regulated, WaterCoin could soon become a digital haven currency that appeals to all manner of investors.